The history of Faculty of Economics, Management and Law started in 1998 on the basis of the Act of Three Faculties Foundation in Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and Economics by the Director of Kiev State University of Trade and Economics A.A. Mazaraki. Today the Faculty is run by Larysa O. Sikorska, PhD (Pedagogic Science), Associate Professor The educational process of the Faculty is managed by the professionals of the Deans office – specialists, secretaries.

Faculty comprises three departments:

  1. Department of Economics and International Relations provides Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes in the specialities “Economics” (specializations “Economics of Enterprise”, “International Economics”) and “International Economic Relations” (specialization “International Business”).
  2. Department of Management and Administration provides Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes in the specialities “Management” (specializations “Management of Foreign Economic Activity”, “Management of Organization”, “Management of Tourism Business”) and “Public Management and Administration”.
  3. Department of Economic Cybernetics and Information Systems provides Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes in the speciality “Economics (specialization ”Economic Cybernetics”).
  4. Department of Law provides Bachelor’s Programme in the speciality “Law” (specializations “Commercial Law”, “Financial Law”).

The level of graduates’ training in the Faculty their fundamental theoretical education combined with special applications, the development of their skills, as well as their analytical and creative thinking enable them to adjust quickly and successfully to the changing demands of professional activities in various sectors of the economy.
The successful activity of our graduates in various sectors and government agencies, banks, investment and insurance companies, consulting firms, advertising agencies and commercial enterprises indicates the high quality teaching at the Faculty of Economics, Management and Law. All the students have interesting student life at the Faculty. The students’ government works closely with the administration and teaching staff and helps students to solve different problems. The diversity of students’ talents and abilities can be seen in the newspaper “The Economist”, literary magazine, art exhibitions.